Collection Procedures

Merchants and Professional Credit Bureau has specialized in debt recovery for the past fifty-one years. We believe we have the most comprehensive collection process in the industry. Our procedures provide an excellent return for our clients without creating ill will in the community. This reputation has earned us hundreds of loyal clients across the state, as well as the exclusive endorsement of the Travis County Medical Society for the past twenty-seven years. Our goal is to provide our clients the best net return possible. We do this through competitive pricing, outstanding customer service, state of the art technology, and the extreme desire to be considered by our clients as the best collection service they have ever employed.

We have been able to fulfill our goals with the following services:

  • Initial Processing of Accounts: Accounts will be entered into our collection system and the first notification will immediately be generated and mailed. As calls come in, they will be handled by the collection manager, a supervisor, or a senior collector.
  • Regular Collection Processing: All accounts that have not responded within the first fourteen days will be sent a second notification. Seven days later, the collection manager will assign accounts with phone numbers to our skilled professional telephone collectors. Accounts without phone numbers will be sent to our research/skip tracing department for new location information.
  • Phone Collections: Unlike other companies that “guarantee” one or two phone calls per account, MPB will make as many calls as necessary to collect, to explore all possible avenues for the consumer to obtain the funds, or to determine if the account is uncollectible.
  • Reporting Accounts: We report to all three national credit information systems: Equifax Information Services LLC, Atlanta, GA; Experian, Inc. Los Angeles, CA; Trans Union LLC, Chicago, IL
  • Insurance Claims: We file all types of insurance for our clients. It is the client’s choice as to whether we file the claim or provide the information for the client to file. Our insurance department will follow up and, if necessary, file all appeals.
  • Regular reporting to Clients: On the 15th of each month we provide a report listing all pertinent payment information from the previous month. However, we can accommodate any reasonable request to generate reports on individual accounts or collective accounts by status, balance, date, and almost any feasible data desired. These reports are available by request without charge.

Businesses should trust their reputation and their customers’ dignity only to an agency that will represent them professionally. We do not do “hard nosed” collections; we will not abuse, confuse, or threaten debtors. We will always maintain a high level of professionalism and diplomacy but be persistent, firm and diligent in our collection attempts.

MPB’s fifty-one years of success are based on exceptional service, the ability to collect without creating patient/consumer ill will, and the intense pride and satisfaction in being the best.