Commission Rates

MPB has been specializing in debt recovery for fifty-two years and since that time, we have seen many agencies and competitors come and go, as they were willing to swallow a drastically low contingency rate.

At first glance the lowest commission rate might appear to be the best option but looking at net yield as opposed to fee only shows that the lowest rate is not always the best deal. Obviously, the agency must be good at collecting.

MPB will not give a projection or collection estimate. Variables such as age, working phone numbers, good addresses, effectiveness of client’s in-house collection procedures, commission rate, linked account’s hit ratio, economic conditions in the community, even weather (rainy periods drastically reduce payment availability for construction workers), all enter in to the over-all collectability of accounts. These factors combined with age of assignment, client internal controls and procedures, budgeting and staffing of a client’s collection department, all lead to projected recovery ratios being, at best, calculated guess-work and, at worst, sheer puffery.

We do, however, guarantee an outstanding effort, a most diplomatic approach, extreme efficiency and financial accountability, and a continuation of doing business in the manner in which our clients have come to expect from us.

MPB has negotiable rates for volume accounts and commercial accounts. We provide our clients with the lowest possible rate based on account amount, age, and volume that will enable them to receive the highest net return, but ensure that their accounts are being worked to the fullest extent.

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