“Our recovery on these accounts has been much higher than with
the collection agencies used prior to switching to MPB. Their client
service staff is responsive to our needs and makes sure that all
requests are met quickly and accurately.”

Director-Emergency Medical Service

“We have an excellent percentage rate of return on our accounts.”
Business Manager-Pathologist

“MPB has been a vital key in the collection process of delinquent accounts for (this) Regional Hospital since 1996.”
Patient Accounts Coordinator-Hospital.

“We have utlized Merchants and Professional Bureau (MPB) for collection services of delinquent patient accounts since 1987. MPB has demonstrated the ability to operate without creating patient ill will.”

“Over the years, MPB’s consistent performance in recovery percentages and service has given our clients an excellent source of revenue along with the comfort of knowing that their delinquent accounts are being handled with appropriate integrity and effort.” Director of Operations-Medical Management.

“We have used MPB since 1991 and have found them to be the most effective collection service we have ever used.” Office Manager-Medical Imaging Group.

“We have employed MPB for payment monitoring and collection services since January 1998. We have received high quality service through accurate accounting/reporting, professionalism, and excellent communication with our patients and our
collection department. We recommend them to other businesses and healthcare providers.”
Insurance Supervisor-Clinics.

“They have demonstrated a high degree of professional demeanor. They have had an excellent collection rate, as well.” Neurologist/Internal Medicine, M.D.

“(This) newspaper has utilized the collection services of Merchants and Professional Bureau since 1984. MPB has consistently delivered a 35%+ recovery rate and has shown tremendous flexibility in pursuing all range of classified and retail
advertising accounts.”
Credit Manager-Newspaper.

“We are extremely satisfied with their efforts to collect accounts that are seemingly impossible to collect.” Internal Medicine-M.D.

“We have consistently experienced effective, high quality service from MPB. We continue to recommend Merchants and Professional Bureau as the agency that can get positive results in delinquent account recovery.”
Customer Service Supervisor-Natural Gas Company.

“I can say without a doubt that they all have been very professional and courteous with our patients while at the same time effective in collecting past due accounts.” Family Practice, M.D.

“MPB has consistently demonstrated their ability to collect our unpaid accounts without creating ill will. They have consistently recovered 35+ percent of the accounts we place with them. It is without reservation that I recommend Merchants and Professional Bureau, Inc. for all of your collection needs.”
Consumer Credit Dept-Nationwide Jewelry Company.

“Their staff is so courteous and professional that it is the rule rather than the exception that patients return to my practice after discharging their debts.”
Otolaryngologist, M.D.,F.A.C.S.

“In 1997 our office began using Merchants and Professional Bureau to collect our delinquent accounts. They have always been gracious to work with and accommodate the changes in forms and policies within my office. Better yet, I don’t get phone calls complaining of MPB’s tactics. I would not consider allowing another agency to handle collections.” Office Administrator-Oncology Group.

“I recommend the services of MPB. Our dental office has been very impressed with their professional handling of these accounts.” D.D.S.

“I have used other nationally known collection agencies but never received the rate of reimbursement that locally operated MPB has been able to achieve for us.”
Office Manager-D.D.S.

“We have been extremely satisfied with their ability to collect accounts that seem impossible to collect. It is without reservation that we recommend Merchants and Professional Bureau.” Accounts Receivable-Childrens Dentistry Group.

Contact us for a complete reference list. We will be glad to supply the names and phone numbers of references to contact.