In today’s world, providing your clients with a positive experience has never been more important. We realize that your clients are your financial security. With more than 50 years in business and total accounts receivable management experience of more than 200 years, MPB has cultivated our strategy and processes in third-party debt collections to maximize recovery and to protect your relationship with your clients.

Below are just a few quotes from some of our clients expressing their experience with MPB:

MPB has shown the flexibility to operate their collection procedures to fit our particular needs. We can recommend MPB for collection services without hesitation.

Receivables and Collection Manager Client since December 1997

Their organization is very professional with our customers as well as billing staff. We have asked MPB not do hard core collections but treat our accounts as long term installment accounts due to the nature of our business. We seldom get complaints from our patients. They are always helpful whether working through a patient’s bills or resolving accounting issues. The accounts that are sent to them are delinquent accounts and have already been worked by our office staff. MPB still maintains a respectable percentage of collections. I would highly recommend them as a collections agency.

Patient Account Manager Client since March 1998

Consistently MPB has provided a very high quality of service, professionalism and communication to our organization. MPB has also consistently delivered a high monthly recovery rate. All of our inquiries are handled immediately and accurately. I would highly recommend their services to any business in Austin, particularly healthcare providers.

Director of Medical Reimbursement Client since April 2010

MPB acts as an extension of services (billing company name) provides its clients. Over the past 16 years (billing company name) has worked with three different collection agencies. MPB is by far the best collection agency we’ve partnered with. MPB has proven to collect at a higher rate than the other collection agencies. They are very responsive and courteous when interacting with our patients and our staff. We recommend their services and enjoy doing business with them.

President Client since February 2010

We have appreciated the long term relationships with employees that have assisted us since we opened our account with MPB. We have received quality customer service both with our internal offices and our patients. The online account management system has facilitated ongoing communication that is key to accurate accounting and reporting of past due monies. MPB has been able to collect up to 32% of monies turned over. We appreciate their timely responses to our inquires and working accounts. Those efforts help us achieve a positive collection rate over the national standard. We recommend the services of MPB and enjoy doing business with them.

Chief Operations Officer Client since February 1998

We are very satisfied with their efforts and their recovery ratio. We are a consumer-based business and it is important that our customers are treated professionally and courteously. MPB has recognized this need and it is rare that we have a complaint regarding their collection efforts. MPB has consistently demonstrated their ability to collect our past due receivables without creating ill will or jeopardizing repeat business. MPB’s ability to utilize the credit reporting systems adds leverage to their collection efforts and increases the amount of revenue returned to us. They have consistently recovered 35+ percent of the accounts we place with them. It is without reservation that I recommend MPB for all your collection needs.

Consumer Credit Department Manager Client since October 1995

MPB has provided us with quality service and professionalism. MPB always provides courteous service and swift responses to my questions. We are very pleased to utilize their services for our collection needs and would recommend their collection services to any business.

Owner Client since May 2011

Their intimate knowledge, professionalism, expertise and personalized care as it reflects the collections industry, has relieved us from what has been a tremendous burden on our company. Their ability to collect funds, which we previously just considered to be lost dollars, has benefitted us greatly and we are delighted to receive a check from their services monthly. We always look forward to seeing what they have accomplished. I would highly recommend their services to anyone in any industry who has a collections issue. MPB represents you the way you would represent yourself to your own customers. They treat your business as if it were their own.

Founder & President Client since November 2014

MPB has provided superb delinquent recovery services for us. I personally have had the pleasure of working directly with MPB for over 6 years and have yet to have anything less than very professional and respectful customer service. The timely manner in responding to customer service inquiries and collecting are beyond the expected efforts. We, as a management company, highly recommend them for efficient and very professional services provided for delinquent account recovery.

Customer Service Director Client since February 1994